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iPhone 4S Cases Allows Running Multiple Copies on the Same Machine (Virtualization) »

For the first time, Apple is allowing owners of OS X (client version) to run multiple virtual copies on the same machine. Previously, Apple extended this ability to iPhone 4S Cases Server only. Running separate instances of Mac OS X should be possible under virtualization solutions such as VMware Fusion and Parallels. This functionality allows you to deploy different sandboxed installations of OS X, typically for enterprise purposes. As reported in 2007, Apple first extended this capability in Mac OS X Server 10.5:

[The 2007 iPhone 4S Cases 10.5 Server EULA] permits OS X Server to run in a virtual machine (VM) as long as each VM is stocked with a different license and the physical system is Apple-made. The new rules don’t apply to the client edition of Apple’s operating system, which is still barred from being virtualized.

The Golden Master version of OS X Lion (10.7) just released to developers includes the final end-user licensing agreement (EULA) which reveals that users can run up to two additional instances of iPhone 4S Cases on their same machine without a need for extra licenses. From the 10.7 EULA:

(iii) to install, use and run up to two (2) additional copies or instances of the Apple Software within virtual operating system environments on each Mac Computer you own or control that is already running the Apple Software.

The shift in policy likely reflects the blurred distinction between OS X Server and OS X Client starting with Lion. OS X Server will be sold as an App Store add-on pack for OS X Lion.

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Apple Rolls Out ‘Designer iPhone 4 Cases’ for TV Shows »

While Apple has long offered a “Designer iPhone 4 Cases” feature in the iTunes Store to allow users who have previously purchased individual tracks to upgrade to the full album at a discounted price reflecting their single-track purchases, users have not had the flexibility of a similar option for TV shows.
That appears to have changed this week with the addition of a “Louis Vuitton iPad 2 Cases” feature now available in the iTunes Store. When logged in and viewing an iTunes Store page listing for a single season of a TV show, the Season Pass purchase price will be reduced by the amount of previous single-episode purchases, allowing users to upgrade to the full season without having to essentially repurchase the episodes they had previously acquired individually.
Season passes for TV shows typically come at a significant discount compared to buying each episode of the season individually. Consequently, the new Louis Vuitton iPad 2 Casesfeature should offer users who find themselves having already purchased several episodes of a season and wishing to upgrade to the full season a way to save some money.

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‘Best iPhone 4 Cases News’ Update Brings Live Breaking News »

National Public Radio has updated its NPR News Best iPhone 4 Cases application [App Store, Free], adding access to live audio streaming of breaking news and special coverage, as well as numerous other improvements.

- Listen live to breaking news and special coverage
- Revised news article view
- Improved audio streaming in low bandwidth scenarios
- Improved playlist stability
- Click the very top of the screen to scroll to the beginning of lists and long articles
- Captions on enlarged images in the News section
- Improved Gucci iPhone 4 case share screens

- Ability to share many of the program episodes via email, Twitter and Facebook
- Many tweaks to address user requests
- Much more

Upon opening the application, users can be prompted if live breaking news content is available and offered easy access to the streaming content.

Gucci iPhone 4S case, originally released in mid-August, offers direct access to news articles and radio programs, as well as streaming from the media organization’s network of radio station affiliates across the United States.

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Did Best Buy’s inventory database reveal Sprint’s plan to carry the iPad 4G? »


We’re all familiar with the intricacies of the Best Buy inventory system’s loose lips. Sure, sometimes it is just employees playing pranks but other times it reveals honest to goodness new stuff.Designer iPhone 4 Cases|Designer iPhone 4S Cases|Designer iPhone 4 Case|Designer iPhone 4S Case

On that note, Sprint 4G (“new”) iPads have appeared in this system and were screengrabbed for all to see.  This one makes some sense because of a few reasons:

1. Sprint and Apple are now partners with the iPhone 4S so the relationship is already in place.

2. Sprint is building out an LTE network that will be compatible with the iPad but hasn’t released even one device on that network yet, including the LTE Galaxy Nexus which it has already announced.  Apple likes to release on finished products.Louis Vuitton iPhone 4 Cases|Louis Vuitton iPhone 4S Cases|Louis Vuitton iPhone 4 Case|Louis Vuitton iPhone 4S Case

3. Apple wouldn’t pre-announce something that would be months away when people could buy something right now on AT&T or Verizon now (or in a few days).

4. We’ve heard about Sprint testing iPads.

If you are a die hard Sprint customer, you might have an iPad option in the near future.

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Tim Cook responds to customer email, confirms Siri Italian language support coming this year »

According to a post over on, Apple CEO Tim Cook has apparently responded to a customer email regarding Italian language support in Siri. Apple’s website already lists Italian, alongside Chinese, Korean, and Spanish as languages to be supported sometime in 2012, but Tim’s email confirms the feature is still on track for release this year. It also confirms Tim will be keeping up the tradition of answering customer emails. The customer asked Cook why Italy wasn’t a focus at the launch of products, pointing to Siri and the fact Italy isn’t typically included in the list of initial launch countries:Louis Vuitton iPhone 4 Case|Louis Vuitton iPhone 4S Case


I love Italy.

We will support Italian in SIRI this year.


Apple announced on Wednesday at the new iPad unveiling that Japanese language support would roll out to users with iOS 5.1 in the coming weeks. The customer’s full (Google translated) email to Cook is below:Chanel iPhone 4 Cases|Chanel iPhone 4S Cases|Chanel iPhone 4 Case|Chanel iPhone 4S Case

Dear Tim,

I wonder why you do not like Italy, I think we are good customers for you but do not relish this.

Watch this , we are the second country in Europe (we are behind all’UK!)
In particular:
) Siri is not yet been released in Italian (rather strange after 6 months)
) We are no longer in the group of “first day” of a product launch iPhone 4 (there are some nations that are not at our level)



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Tether launches $30/year web-based tethering service for iPhones, works around Apple’s restrictions »

Tether made news in November, 2011 when Apple seemingly accidentally accepted their application into the iTunes App Store. The $14.99 piece of iPhone software allowed anyone to simply download the iPhone app, install a Mac app, and have unlimited tethering by way of a USB cable. The service still didn’t compare to the ease-of-use found in Apple’s built-in wireless Personal Hotspot feature, but is much cheaper for users as no carrier plan is required. That application was pulled only a few days later by Apple, so iTether has been working on a replacement solution. The solution is meant to work for all iPhones (jailbroken or not) and uses the web versus an application that must pass Apple’s App Store guidelines.Louis Vuitton iPhone 4 Cases|Louis Vuitton iPhone 4S Cases

As the company explains in their video above, the new solution allows users to setup an Ad-Hoc network on their Mac, connect to that network from the iPhone, turn on their Mac app (downloadhere) and then just login to iTether’s HTML5-based to get started. The company tells us that theirpatent pending technology works with 3G connections, is data encrypted, and that the entire experience is wireless. No USB connection is required like in their old iOS-application-based solution. The service costs $30 per year, which is much less than the usual $30 a month tethering plans that some carriers require. However, the new iTether will be sold for $15 to those who order during this launch week.Gucci iPhone 4 cases|Gucci iPhone 4S cases|Gucci iPhone 4 case|Gucci iPhone 4S case

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Conan checks out the new iPad’s Retina display »

As usual, Apple’s latest product announcement was a topic of conversation on Conan yesterday (Flash only, sorry). We know one of the new iPad’s biggest upgrades is the 2048-by-1536-pixel resolution Retina display that Apple pointed out has a million more pixels than your HDTV, the most ever in a mobile device. You can check out Apple’s real ad focusing on the new iPad’s Retina display here.1.Louis Vuitton iPhone 4 Case.2.Louis Vuitton iPhone 4S Case.3.Burberry iPhone 4 Cases.4.Burberry iPhone 4S Cases.5.Hermes iPhone 4 Cases.6.Hermes iPhone 4S Case

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Apple to close service on July 31st, tells users to use iCloud instead »

In an email to customers, Apple has announced that their beta service will be shutting down effective July 31, 2012. The service was launched in early 2009 in concert with iWork ’09, and has served as an online method for document sharing and commenting.Louis Vuitton iPhone 4 Cases|Louis Vuitton iPhone 4S Cases

Dear user,   Thanks for participating in the public beta.   Last year, we launched iCloud, a service that stores your music, photos, documents, and more and wirelessly pushes them to all your devices. Today, there are already over 40 million documents stored on iCloud by millions of iWork customers. Learn more about iCloud.   With a new way to share iWork documents between your devices using iCloud, the iWork.compublic beta service will no longer be available. As of July 31, 2012, you will no longer be able to access your documents on the site or view them on the web.   We recommend that you sign in to before July 31, 2012, and download all your documents to your computer. For detailed instructions on how to save a copy of your documents on your computer, read this support article at

Coach iPhone 4 Case |Coach iPhone 4S Case |Best iPhone 4 Case|Best iPhone 4S Case

Apple tells users that iCloud, since its launch last fall, has grown popular enough to be a fitting replacement. The company recommends users to switch to iCloud’s Documents in the Cloud feature. In this email, Apple has also announced that forty million documents have been stored in the iCloud since the feature’s launch last year.

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International iPad 4G roamers will give AT&T a big bump in revenue, but won’t be able to use European LTE »

When Apple unveiled the new Wi-Fi + 4G iPadon Wednesday, it only announced AT&T, Verizon, and Canadian carriers Bell, Rogers, and Telus as launch partners. Following the announcement, many international readers were quick to point out the device would not work on certain LTE networks from carriers abroad who operate on varying frequency bands. For example, German carriers operate on 800 and 2600 MHz frequency bands, while the new 4G iPad supports only 700 and 2100 MHz frequencies used by both US and Canadian carriers. The good news, at the very least for AT&T, is Apple has confirmed to TheVerge that the new LTE iPad can be used by international roamers on AT&T’s LTE network:Louis Vuitton iPhone 4 Case|Louis Vuitton iPhone 4S Case

iPads sold internationally will be able to connect to AT&Ts LTE network when in the US with the appropriate SIM and plan.

The LTE iPad variant for Verizon only operates on the 700MHz frequency, the same as Canadian carrier Bell’s LTE network. However, Apple’s Canadian online store only lists one model for Canada compatible with both 700 and 2100 MHz bands.Designer iPad 2 Cases|Louis Vuitton iPad 2 Cases

We reported earlier today that shipping estimates for the new iPad were once again beginning to slip, with some stores showing an estimate of March 16-20. International customers, at least in Canada and Australia, are now being greeted with a map during the checkout process showing when their delivery is likely to arrive based on their location. First pointed out by iPadinCanada, you can see an image of the map below:Chanel iPad 2 Cases|Gucci iPad 2 Cases

If your delivery quote reads “Delivers: March 16-March 20″, then your new iPad will deliver on March 16 in major cities and surrounding areas (zone 1). Otherwise, if you live in zone 2, your estimated delivery date is March 19, and if you live in zone 3 your estimated delivery date is March 20. Please add 1-2 additional business days for delivery of personalised products or for zones 4 or 5. If your quote reads “Ships: By March 19″, this map does not apply. You will receive your new iPad within 7 days after shipping.

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March Madness NCAA Live Basketball App hits App Store. Free audio for every game, $4 for video »

NCAA® March Madness Live [iTunes Link] just hit the App Store promising live radio access to every NCAA College Basketball Tournament game:

Watch every game of NCAA® March Madness® LIVE on your iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad! Download for free to check scores, fill out and follow your bracket, get game alerts, and NEW for 2012 – listen to live game radio. Upgrade with in-app purchase and watch live streaming video of all 67 games every game of the 2012 NCAA Division I Men’s Basketball Tournament for one low price of $3.99 for all 67 games.

From the First Round on March 13 to the Championship game on April 2, catch all your favorite rivalries, upsets, and buzzer beaters over both Wi-Fi and 3G. Plus, get alerts for your favorite teams, know when games go into overtime and crunch time, and set your TV channel settings to know where to watch any game on TV. You’ll never miss an upset!Best iPhone 4 Cases|Best iPhone 4S Cases

Additional features include:

NEW for 2012: Live game radio of all 67 games
NEW for 2012: Live social chatter for teams in every game
- Fill out your official NCAA Bracket Challenge bracket right from your iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad.Burberry iPad 2 Cases

- Track the entire bracket live throughout the tournament.Chanel iPad 3 Case
- Follow live scores and player stats – including team leaders and a live lead tracker (Louis Vuitton iPad 3 Case)
- Get alerts for upsets, overtimes, crunch time (Gucci iPad 3 Case), and your favorite teams
- Post directly to Facebook and Twitter
- Use My Channels to see where each game is on all four networks – TBS, CBS, TNT and truTV

With the low In-App price of $3.99 you can also:Best iPad 3 Cases

- Watch the CBS NCAA Basketball Championship Selection Show bracket selection show live on March 11
- Watch LIVE streaming of all 67 NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament games
- Watch a live stream of team practices from the Final Four®
- Watch highlights of all 67 games; highlights available right after each game (iPhone/iPod Touch only)

Take it with you: Your In-App purchase lets you watch live games on any of your iOS devices running iOS 4.3 or higher. Buy it once and watch games on all your devices for one low price – even your computer.

NCAA® March Madness® LIVE provides LIVE STREAMING VIDEO over both Wi-Fi and 3G. Note: sufficient network coverage is required to stream live video.

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