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« ‘Best iPhone 4 Cases News’ Update Brings Live Breaking News

National Public Radio has updated its NPR News Best iPhone 4 Cases application [App Store, Free], adding access to live audio streaming of breaking news and special coverage, as well as numerous other improvements.

- Listen live to breaking news and special coverage
- Revised news article view
- Improved audio streaming in low bandwidth scenarios
- Improved playlist stability
- Click the very top of the screen to scroll to the beginning of lists and long articles
- Captions on enlarged images in the News section
- Improved Gucci iPhone 4 case share screens

- Ability to share many of the program episodes via email, Twitter and Facebook
- Many tweaks to address user requests
- Much more

Upon opening the application, users can be prompted if live breaking news content is available and offered easy access to the streaming content.

Gucci iPhone 4S case, originally released in mid-August, offers direct access to news articles and radio programs, as well as streaming from the media organization’s network of radio station affiliates across the United States.

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